About Meade

About Meade

Meade Atkinson’s professional background is one of increasing responsibility and achievement in a variety of critical Senior Management positions. The contributions he has made have led to unparalleled success. He is recognized for excellent communication, collaboration and problem-solving skills. He excels in positions requiring strategic planning, professional relationship management and the ability to serve as a reliable resource to Executive Management. Meade‘s past employers have benefited from his professional proficiency and discipline, a personal dedication to excellence, and a willingness to go ‘above and beyond’ to ensure success.

Meade’s professional background allows him to provide your organization with:

  • An effective leader who synthesizes facts and concepts to develop long-range plans while directing, coordinating, and managing initiatives from conception to final execution on a timely and cost-effective basis.
  • High energy, proactive, detail oriented, with a strong work ethic and a “get the job done” attitude.
  • Dedicated, trust worthy with unquestionable integrity, and a commitment and passion to every endeavor undertaken.

Meade offers a combination of practical experience, formal and professional education and an understanding of real world situations that is of immediate benefit to any organization.

Meade lives in Denver North Carolina on Lake Norman, with his wife Erica and 19 month old daughter Blair and two sons Beau and Chase.. They enjoy boating, being outside and spending time with family. Meade is also an avid tennis player, golfer and has a passion for cooking.

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